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Dragonflies – the only flying creature that can move all of its wings independently at the same time. I help clients become all they can be by helping them learn to use all of their wings!

– Leann

“I’m the type of person that wants to constantly grow and evolve. I found myself at a stand still in life, with so little to no direction as to my next move. Stuck in a vicious cycle of a daily routine I was just dying to break but wasn’t clear on how or where to start. Leann helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as strategies to face them head on. The experience and guidance was priceless . I’m on a path that Ive always wanted to be on but didn’t have the support or confidence to get started. She helped me recognize my core values and work everything else around them. I’m so happy and grateful I decided to do the 12 week program with Leann it changed my view on life. ”

— Loan Ngo, Arizona

Leann is all about courage. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we still need to summon the courage to make it happen. Leann helped me articulate my goals, see them as attainable, and then gave me strategies for practicing a mindset that would help me achieve them. I couldn’t have done it without her.

— A. Savage, Houston, TX

Leann is very professional, attentive to details, while being very flexible and adaptable.  It was wonderful to work with her.

— Setsuko Hosoda, MD, MPH, Beijing, China

“There were so many helpful & great feeling components to working with Leann Ferry.  I will try to keep this from getting too long by naming just some.  Accountability: I could always trust her to consistently provide this with a terrific blend of kind seriousness.  I asked her for this in the beginning.  I did not want, nor need her to worry about hurting my feelings.  She remembered, provided. Yet I could tell she would be able to be gentle & assuring for me should I have asked for this. Nonjudgmental:  I never, ever felt judged for sharing my personal challenges, concerns, actions, or anything.  I always felt Leann was 100% present with me.  And in this safe space she provided, I was free to fully be myself.  I feel this aspect of her coaching lends powerfully to the process and Leann understands it well.  Skills in communication:  Leann uses her coaching & communication skills to create an environment where we worked together for ME!  She is especially good at giving meaningful, insightful rephrasing that helped me to clarify my intentions from more abstract thoughts to practical actions to take. Dependable & friendly while remaining professional:  This is really valuable considering she managed very well to encourage my courage along the way too.  Leann was able to support me on multiple levels at the same time.  I will conclude this to say Leann stayed on top of what my current and previous week’s issues were. Here she encouraged focus on my goals for the coaching series yet also she allowed the flexibility I needed to handle side bar things I needed to include even if not obviously connected to the overall goals.  She intuitively understood my “human” need to explore outside (of the direct subject focus) for limiting pressures & mindsets.  In these instances, Leann often saw connections that until she iterated them, I was not conscious of.  All of this from what I was saying to her!  I made more progress in my life with her by my side and throughout, had a greater sense of accomplishment and calm from utilizing the tools she provided.  What a gift it is working with Leann!

— S. Schille, Boston, MA