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Understand more about why it’s so hard for women to speak up when it matters most.  Get a copy of my ebook – Speak Up Stand Strong – FREE for a limited time by going to this link.Click Here For Ebook  

I coach women to live true by developing authenticity, to dream big by developing the confidence and self-love to go after big goals, and to take action by doing and speaking up for themselves and others.

Change happens no matter what.  My mission is to support women in being a bigger influence in positive change in their personal and professional lives, in their communities and in the world.

I do this work through a focus on self knowledge, courage and communication skills. I offer the following training and coaching program:

Speak Up / Stand Strong Project – my courageous voice program for women to learn and practice how to communicate more effectively, powerfully and courageously. After this 6-week online group program, you will know the secrets to speaking up with more courage, strength and resilience. Contact me for more information.  New groups starting in August 2018. We meet once per week over 6 weeks using Zoom.  Contact me at

I’m Leann Ferry,  an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. My coaching sessions are a confidential and safe place.  They serve as a structure that help you to:

  • Get clear on yourself and your situation.
  • Get focused on what you really want.
  • Make a plan and organize it into small actionable steps.
  • Prepare for action by practicing.
  • Commit to taking action steps toward your goals between sessions.
  • Stay on track, stay motivated and follow through.
  • Experience success!

Do you ever silence yourself and after you stew about it for days?

Do you ever silence yourself when you wanted to speak up and then you feel defeated, regretful, angry?  Do you just stuff that down?

Do you ever speak up and then back down because of the reaction you get?

Do you tell yourself there are a lot of good reasons to bite your tongue?

Do you ever think about how you don’t get what you don’t speak up for?

You do, right?

If you’ve silenced yourself once when it was important to speak up, you’ve done it too often!  Even the most confident women do it at times!

It is possible to speak up and stand strong in love, respect and truth.  And it’s more important than ever that you learn to do it.

You are NOT the cause of the conflict that ensues when the other person doesn’t like your truth. You are NOT being rude to inject your opinion and stand up for your values. There are ways to do it effectively (and most people have never learned how, but I KNOW HOW and I can teach you!).

There is a lot going on in society that makes it difficult for women to speak up.

The woman in the picture on the cover of this book is wearing a Scold’s Bridle – a torture device used in the 16th and 17th  centuries in England, Scotland and New England to punish and publicly shame women who spoke their minds.

I think the Scold’s Bridle as an apt metaphor for a modern tool used to control women’s speech today.  This desire to control and dominate women still permeates throughout our society.  But we don’t see Scold’s Bridles today—instead there is a more powerful, hidden force that can silence even the most assertive and confident woman today.  It is a powerful tool for control that is so much more effective than a Scold’s Bridle because it can be deployed by anyone, anywhere in myriad overt and covert ways.

Do you want to know what that tool is?  And how it works on you to silence your voice?

 The purpose of this book is to give you:

• the keys to unlock the bridle silencing your voice.

•  techniques to defend yourself against the tactics other use          on you to silence you.

• a means to learn, practice and master these skills to build your confidence and courage.

• some tools, references, further reading and advice for practicing these skills

• insight into why speaking up is so hard (Hint: It’s NOT what you’ve been told and it’s NOT you).

• insight into why speaking up well and resiliently is the key to living true and creating the life you truly want.

Sound good?  If it does, get my book today.  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.  And it’s FREE.  For now…


Are you ready to live true, dream big and to start taking action and speaking up about what you need, think and want? Are you ready to accomplish your goals and make your life what you want it to be?  Check out what my clients say about me and then contact me for information about my programs.

Coaching Services

1-1 Coaching

Clients have private one hour coaching sessions with me.  This is the right choice for people who are ready for action and want privacy, confidentiality and the quicker pace that private sessions can provide.

Group Coaching

Clients work in a group of 4-8 people around a common topic area determined by the group.   Because the coaching experience is shared, there is the added dimension of learning from the experiences of others.


For 1-1 coaching, I have an hourly rate and a discounted rate for multiple session packages paid in advance. Pricing for group coaching depends on the group and duration. I accept payment via cash, check or Paypal.

What My Clients Are Saying

Leann is all about courage. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we still need to summon the courage to make it happen. Leann helped me articulate my goals, see them as attainable, and then gave me strategies for practicing a mindset that would help me achieve them. I couldn’t have done it without her.

A. Savage, Houston, TX

I’m the type of person that wants to constantly grow and evolve. I found myself at a stand still in life, with so little to no direction as to my next move. Stuck in a vicious cycle of a daily routine I was just dying to break but wasn’t clear on how or where to start. Leann helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses 

Loan Ngo, Arizona

There were so many helpful & great feeling components to working with Leann Ferry. I will try to keep this from getting too long by naming just some. Accountability: I could always trust her to consistently provide this with a terrific blend of kind seriousness. I asked her for this in the beginning. I did not want 

S. Schille, Boston, MA

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